White Sox new signing Mike Clevinger facing claims of domestic violence, child abuse

According to The Athletic, Padres-turned-Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger has attacked both his wife and his 10-month-old child. The report says, According to [Olivia] Finestead (the mother of Clevinger’s daughter), she has detailed to those investigators incidents of physical, verbal and emotional abuse, including an incident from last June in which Finestead said Clevinger choked her, and another about two weeks later when she said Clevinger slapped her in a hotel room when the team was playing the Dodgers and threw used chewing tobacco on their child.”

A source familiar with MLB’s investigation process confirmed there is an open investigation on Clevinger. The source added that the White Sox became aware of the allegations after he was signed. Clevinger has not publicly commented on the allegations and his agent told The Athletic they would need “time” before responding.