Man drinks 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes, shocked that his body literally quit on him afterwards

A man who looks like he’d be really into energy drinks and leaving hateful comments towards women on the Internet is finding out that downing a dozen energy drinks in mere minutes is very bad for your body. The Pokemon-enthusiast hit the Red Bull hard, then followed up the onslaught of energy drinks with a shot of liquor, which caused him to vomit. It was at this moment that he knew he f*cked up.

His pancreas began to “digest itself”, which is the single scariest thing I could possibly imagine. Somehow, it was only after this that he had a “wake-up call” for his lifestyle. The fluid build-up became infected, according to Dr. Bernard Hsu, and his liver and kidneys started to shut down. Doctors treated the unnamed gamer, who reportedly vomited on a nurse’s shoes, with IV fluids and antibiotics before releasing him, Hsu said.