Happy Halloween? Law makes Trick-or-Treating illegal for anyone over 12 in Virginia town


Trick-or-Treating is illegal for anyone over the age of 12 in a Virigina town?! This just shows that one person who had their house covered in toilet paper and eggs because they gave out pennies instead of candy, is really out for revenge. Have the middle school bad kids ruined it for all the good kids? Is this just to keep people from smashing pumpkins?

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According to VICE, this specific law pertains to Chesapeake, Virginia where it reads: “If any person over the age of 12 years shall engage in the activity commonly known as ‘trick or treat’ or any other activity of similar character or nature under any name whatsoever, he or she shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25.00 nor more than $100.00 or by confinement in jail for not more than six months or both.”

One person who would not approve of this is Halloween mascot David S. Pumpkins.