When You Miss Your Train

Michael Neas posted a video to YouTube on Wednesday night showing some dude hanging onto the outside of a Red Line train giving a thumbs up.  Neas didn’t immediately return a message.

I don’t care if you DO have Game 1 tickets and miss your train, this does not count as “flying the W!”  #GoCubsGo

<3 @laurenoneil


More from dnainfo.com:


“Jeff Tolman, a spokesman for the Chicago Transit Authority, said they are investigating the video and “will pursue appropriate charges.”

“Actions like this are extremely foolhardy and display an astonishing lack of common sense and judgment,” Tolman said in an e-mail. “This is not only illegal, but dangerous not just to the person involved but other passengers as well.”

Police said Thursday they had no record of the incident, but always recommend riding inside the train.

“It’s not worth your personal safety,” said Officer Jose Estrada, a police spokesman. “You can make up some time, but you can’t make up your life. You only get one.”