Thom Yorke = Satan?

Catching up on what I missed over the last week, and some Christian ministry twitter posted this over the weekend:

tom satan

P.S. some of the reply comments are gold

I’m not sure if they are saying Thom Yorke IS Satan or that Thom Yorke is a slave of Satan but I really hope there is some kind of Radiohead vs Satan rock off Pick of Destiny style showdown at Lollapalooza Saturday night.

P.P.S. there are naughty words in this video if you are new to Tenacious D

P.P.P.S. If you need Lolla tickets we are blowing them out all week, cheat sheet HERE

In more Satanic news, Thom’s new 45-minute “Radiohead Bedtime Mix”  includes his live solo version of “Bloom” from the Pathway to Paris charity concert last year HERE

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