The Lucas Museum


From the Chicago Tribune:

Lucas Museum officials announced Friday they are ending plans to build the project in Chicago, ending months of debate and controversy.

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas wanted to build a museum showcasing his art collection along the city’s lakefront. But the proposal has been on hold since November 2014, when the group Friends of the Parks filed a federal lawsuit blocking construction.

“No one benefits from continuing their seemingly unending litigation to protect a parking lot,” filmmaker George Lucas said. “The actions initiated by Friends of Parks and their recent attempts to extract concessions from the city have effectively overridden approvals received from numerous democratically elected bodies of government.”

I am not familiar with the area that he was planning to build… but it is a parking lot that was being protected by Friends of the Parks?  Yikes.  I hope they have some plans to do something park-like instead…

Marconi is probably in seclusion with this news.

RIP Chicago Lucas Museum 🙁

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