I have spent a lot of time in quiet reflection this weekend since hearing what happened in Orlando, Florida.  A place where I grew up going to Disney World and Universal Studios and spent time doing radio and have family and friends, a place very close to “home.”  Something so horrible.  So senseless.  Such a terrible loss.  Days like this it is hard for me to smile and put on a show, so I embraced this weight I feel in my heart and opened the phones and text lines to share what we are all feeling.  Anger, sadness, grief, and most important – LOVE.  Love makes the world go around.  Love wins over hate.  Love is love is love is love.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s words at the Tony’s really speak to me (he starts @ 1:45):

So, if there is something you want to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can always tweet: @laurenoneil or email: [email protected], text to 312101.

We are all different.  We all have the right to live differently.  We all deserve to live free.  We all deserve to live.

I love you.  Spread the word.  <3 Lauren