Dead pool: Which ‘Game of Thrones’ character will kick the bucket in Episode 8?



Tommen Baratheon better watch his back. After joining the crown and the faith, boy-king’s odds of croaking this week increased more than two-fold on betting site Bovada (+550 compared with last week’s +1200). Sorry, little buddy. As for his wifey, Margaery Tyrell, things aren’t looking too hot for her either, but she’s not quite out the door yet (+2000). After stealthily slipping her badass grandma, Olenna (+2500), a note with their house sigil on it in last week’s episode, we know that the fiery queen of Westeros isn’t actually as devout as she’s having everybody think. But how long can she keep that up? Now that she got good ol’ granny out of Dodge, it’s high time Margaery started messin’ [bleep] up down there in King’s Landing. (READ MORE HERE)