World Naked Bike Ride Is Back On Chicago’s Streets

naked bike ride

(from chicagoist)

Chicago’s nudists with an environmentalist streak are hitting the road again this weekend for the annual World Naked Bike Ride.

The celebrated event, in which Chicagoans decked out in glitter, costumes and not much actual clothing gather at a semi-secret spot and then bike through the streets, halting traffic and calling for an end to the city’s reliance on cars, is in its 13th year. In past years, the Chicago Police Department’s policy has been to refrain from ticketing the riders for nudity, but to ticket riders or make arrests for illegal activity. Police also have bike cops stationed along the route, which ride organizers do not revealing to the public until the evening of the event. (READ MORE HERE)

Is it ok to join the naked bike ride on a DIVVY bike? Also will postmates deliver pants to me at the end of my ride? I told my grandma I’d coming over for dinner. She doesn’t know of my life. – @marconibologna