Shopping Online Whilst Drunk

We’ve all been there. Have (more than) a few drinks one night and get a surprise box on your doorstep a few days later… it’s almost like another Christmas!

The worst I have done is probably an overly huge QOTSA merch order… but my friend Skip Sampson from 1603 Tattoo Collective in Tampa has made the drunk shopping purchase to outdo them all.


He ordered a pet #$%@^#$ FALCON.

skip falcon


skip w falcon 2

Actually, I think they sent him a hawk instead…


skip w falcon 3

“Hey Skip, I’m headed back down to Florida in July, can I get in your chair for a quick tat?”

“Yeah, would you mind holding my PET FKN FALCON WHILE I WORK?”

skip w falcon

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve given yourself whilst shopping online drunk? Use #ShoppingOnlineWhilstDrunk