Things to do in Chicago when you can’t sleep



Noisy neighbors, barking dogs, passing ambulances—there’s no doubt you’ve spent many a sleepless night tossing and turning in Chicago. Whether the noise of the city is keeping you up or you’ve got a lot on your mind and just can’t sleep, take advantage of living in a city that has something to do every hour. Don’t waste another night counting sheep—we’ve some with an itinerary for anyone who suffers from a bit of insomnia.

9:30pm When you know it’s going to be a long night, you may as well start with a late dinner at one of Chicago’s 24-hour restaurants, like White Palace Grill, Lazo’s Tacos or Elly’s Pancake House.

10:15pm Maybe curling up with a new book is all you really need to catch some Zs. Lucky for you, Myopic Bookstore is open until 11pm every day.

10:45pm But wait, are you still hungry? Eat some great late-night food you can only get after 10pm in Chicago.

11:15 Okay, you should at least try to doze. Try relaxing with a movie that features Chicago.

11:45pm No? Fine. Just keep snacking then. Get to Scofflaw in time for a free, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie served at midnight.

12am Who can sleep after all the food you’ve had tonight? Catch a midnight film at Music Box Theatre.   (READ MORE HERE)

As a night DJ on 101 WKQX I’m always ambitious and have ideas of things I want to do after I get off the air at midnight. Usually I just end up going home thinking about how much I need to clean my apartment or go to the gym. After a few hours of that + searching for something to watch on Netflix I usually can only drift off to sleep when I start writing articles for the websiiiilkh oytyit…ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz – @marconibologna