Petition To Save Double Door Nears 15K Signatures As Trial Looms



It’s coming down to the wire for Double Door.

The Wicker Park club’s landlord, Brain Strauss, is still trying to evict the music venue, claiming they didn’t give him the proper notice they wanted to renew their lease. The club owners maintain they did, but have admitted that they did not send the request via certified mail, which has complicated matters when it comes to proving the timing of the renewal request. There’s already a real estate listing out on the club’s Wicker Park space. the Tribune reported that representatives from both sides met with a judge behind closed doors Thursday, and are continuing talks in hopes of keeping the case from going on trail on May 18. (READ MORE HERE)

I don’t pretend to know anything about the business goings on here, but I can only imagine the building owner is thinking about how much more money he can make with a new tenant paying much more each month. To that, look I totally understand it’s business blah blah blah. Being real though if you OWN a building in Wrigleyville I’m guessing you’re doing ok. So why not be the hero here and take a loss and save a local venue that means so much to us as music fans in Chicago. We love Double Door plain and simple. Maybe even MORE than you love money. 15K people is just a fraction of the love this place has. Don’t drag this out in a long expensive court process. Just come to an agreement and settle this like gentlemen OK!! GRAZIE!! – @marconibologna