Homer Simpson picks Chicago deep dish pizza over New York

homer pizza

(from redeychicago.com)

Homer Simpson stuffs his face with doughnuts, cheeseburgers and, yes, pizza. Now he has finally settled the food fight between the pizza heavyweights: Chicago deep dish versus New York-style thin crust. (READ MORE HERE)

I’ve always thought the CHICAGO vs NEW YORK pizza wars are silly. I don’t dislike either. IT’S PIZZA!! Also isn’t all pizza made in Chicago, CHICAGO PIZZA?? I was dubbed by Brian (Brian & Lou, Brian) as “PIZZA BOY USA”┬á I take that title very seriously. That being said, pizza is this wonderful gift from our Italian forefathers. ┬áSome of our American interrpretations are fantastic. ┬áChicago style deep dish alone has many variations. We all have our local favorites. The only thing I think NY does better in regards to pizza is the AMOUNT of pizza places they have. There’s one on every corner. Having Homer Simpson choose Chicago style pizza over New York style is a huge feather on our cap!! – @marconibologna