FOX bringing ‘Lethal Weapon’ to TV


Riggs & MurTaugh will ride again but they can not say they are “too old for this <censored>” on network TV.  Hollywood Reporter revealed today that ‘Lethal Weapon’ will come back later this year as a series on FOX. Damon Wayans Sr. will play aging Los Angeles police detective Roger Murtaugh and Clayne Crawford will be the loose cannon Martin Riggs. The TV reboot has been public news since last year but intial talk was it would end up on CBS to replace the void in the hearts of ‘CSI’ fans.

FOX executives confirmed the news in their upfront presentations for advertisers and business partners this week, with executive Dana Walder calling the adapted series “muscular,” “high-octane” and “very broadly appealing.”  If it’s even slightly like the original 80’s buddy cop adventure starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, it might be able to avoid failing like recent Film-to-TV adaptions like  ‘Minority Report’ series.

Director Shane Black and producer Joel Silver who were involved with the original LW film series commented on the upcoming series while doing the media rounds for another buddy action comedy project ‘the Nice Guys’ due out in theaters this Friday.

Adapting a film to TV or vice versa can be a real challenge. Here is WatchMojo’s countdown of the best movies taken from TV series. The number 5 pick totally works and improves on the original. If you got a better idea let us know on Twitter and Facebook. Watch you will name one, and I will be like “AH, Man why didn’t I think of that?”

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