When Your Internet Goes Out, This Smart Plug Resets Your Router Until It Works Again


(fromĀ gizmodo.com)

When your internet goes out, resetting your wi-fi router and cable modem often seems to fix the problem. Instead of getting up from the couch to fiddle with power cords, why not let a tiny outlet adapter power cycle your hardware for you? (READ MORE HERE)

I don’t think this would be a good device for me. I already get frustrated enough when I have slow internet and have to reset my router on my own. I know I know we are so impatient now right? I mean these internet signals have to go to space and back and we get frustrated the second something doesn’t happen instantly on our WiFi. Okay yes we’re all insane with power and sense of entitlement we get it. That being said, I would hate to have something auto resetting my router just because it sensed my internet was slow. I have learned to live with my slow and inconsistent internet speed the way it is and this device would only remind me of my failure. – @marconibolognaĀ