Prince’s ‘Vault’ Of Unreleased Music – Should It Ever Be Released?



There has, since Prince’s death, been much discussion of a rumoured ‘vault’ of unreleased music at his Paisley Park home and studio in Minnesota. There are currently reports that the vault has been drilled open, because Prince had the only key. (READ MORE HERE)

I feel this may have been Prince’s plan this whole time. It’s like his musical savings account. Now that he’s gone I feel as though he would want us to experience is vaulted audio treasures. There’s probably enough music in his vault to last a lifetime. I hope they release it all but over time. Maybe we could have Prince Day and each year we all wear ALL purple and drink purple drinks and eat purple cake and as a gift we get 10 songs from the vault. Also I’m wondering about the clothes. Did he hoard everything? Will his sister get it all? Or will most of it just be donated to Goodwill?? If so I’m going thrift shopping near Paisley Park!! I’m not sure what would be more thrilling?? Having an article of clothing from Prince’s closet that I could never wear because it would never fit or knowing I bought it for $5-$20!! Purple Bargains YA’LL!!! – @marconibologna