Chicago woman sues Starbucks for $5 million over amount of ice in cold drinks



A Chicago woman is suing Starbucks for more than $5 million for allegedly underfilling its iced coffee, tea and blended drinks. Plaintiff Stacy Pincus argues in the lawsuit, filed last week in federal court in Chicago, that the amount of ice Starbucks uses in its drinks means customers get less of the actual beverage. (READ MORE HERE)

Another frivolous lawsuit? Yeah I think so. I don’t understand anyone who complains about a place yet they go there daily. Maybe it’s time to get your coffee somewhere else. Also, if you just ask them for less ice they’ll accommodate. Their baristas can remember the most detailed orders with what seems like zero hesitation. I don’t think asking for a little less ice is going to throw ’em. For me the only thing they seem to get wrong with regularity is my name on my cup. I mean how hard is it to get Bolognius Francine Marconi right?? JK, love you SB!! – @marconibologna