Yes, Keanu Reeves Voices Keanu the Cat in ‘Keanu’

keanu the cat


The kidnapped kitten at the center of the new comedy Keanu is obviously named after Keanu Reeves, the seemingly immortal star of Speed, Point Break, The Matrix, and John Wick, but we now know that the actor himself has a tiny cameo in the film. Keanu Reeves plays Keanu the cat. Well, technically he voices Keanu the cat in a scene where a character hallucinates during a crazy drug trip. However, this cameo almost didn’t happen and we have Mr. Reeves’ sister to thank for its existence. (READ MORE HERE)

I’m excited because Keanu, which is the big screen debut of beloved comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s. If it’s 1/3 as funny as their Comedy Central show this will be hilarious. Plus wouldn’t it be cool to have a celebrity doing the voice of your pet? Currently the best my 20 LB cat “The Creme Puff” gets is me doing a bad English accent demanding things and mostly asking me to be quiet while she takes her naps. “Shut up you sorry excuse for a human. I’m trying to get my beauty rest before I eat my dinner!!” *me apologetic slinks away. Am I still typing??… – @marconibologna