Riding A Divvy Is Safer Than Riding A Personal Bike


(fromĀ chicagoist.com)

Given the panic when Divvy first launched in 2013, you might have thought the city was taking the training wheels off droves of teetering wannabe bicyclists and unleashing them onto the streets. Videos confirming that clueless bike riders were wandering down Lake Shore Drive or onto the Dan Ryan didn’t help.Ā But hereā€™s a shocking statistic: three years later, zero fatalities have been associated with bike sharing in Chicago. Typically five to eight cyclists a year die in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune.Ā (READ MORE HERE)

No accidents have happened on Divvy because I haven’t been on one!! Seriously, Ā In the last 8 months I’ve almost broken my ankle misjudging a step at a CHVRCHES show last year. Then I dropped a flower vase on my foot in the middle of the night which almost paralyzed my whole entire left side for a day and then the night of the Jake Bugg show I face planted into the street into oncoming traffic in Wrigleyville. Accident prone much? And before you ask NO I WASN’T DRINKING!!…Okay maybe a few beverages, but still!! I like the Divvy bikes but I always feel as though they are more for friends visiting from out of town to try. If I wasn’t terrified of cycling in Chicago I would rent one. Maybe if they made a sweet bike trail in Grant Park where I wasn’t around other people or near the edge of the Chicago River or Lake Michigan ? Until then, I gotta go my train is here.. – @marconibologna