New solo Batman movie with Ben Affleck confirmed: What’s next for the Dark Knight?

Something that has been known for some time was confirmed this week by Warner Bros at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Ben Affleck will continue under the cape and cowl of Batman in a solo superhero movie following last month’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. It was public knowledge that Affleck was already committed to two more Justice League movies as the Dark Knight, so this move seems show he’s really dedicated to being the hero that Gotham needs. As if that was not enough, Affleck will likely be in the director’s chair for this Batman movie. The Hollywood vet with Oscars in his utility belt is being seen by many analysts  to be a guiding force for the DC Cinematic universe that Warner Bros is developing much like Marvel has done Disney over the past few years.

Affleck also teased in interviews last month that this solo Bat project was in development, and his agency recently told the Hollywood Reporter  that “There’s a script that he’s written, that is a really cool idea.” Now what that idea can be exactly is up in the air. Affleck proved to most fans and critics, that his chiseled butt chin can carry on the Batman movie mantle from Christian Bale but allowing him to also direct and write the iconic character is a whole another challenge.

So what is next for Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe? Though there has been several movies, many of Batman’s best stories have yet to make it to the silver screen. Here is three possible nuggets of nerd joy that Affleck and Warner Bros could adapt from DC Comics into feature flicks. 

The Long Halloween: So Batman does not have any superpowers, but that never mattered anyway right? He is the best detective since Sherlock Holmes in any form of fiction. This story shows the character solve a series of drawn out murders related holidays while also finding himself in the middle of a crime war between two different factions in Gotham City. It’s held in high regard amongst fans, some even given the rank of “the greatest Batman stories ever told”.

Killing Joke: Jared Leto just has to be crazy as the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, right? What if you got to see him be the most mentally-disturbing and dangerous version of Joker ever depicted? This story written originally by Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) really shook up the world of Batman and cemented the clownish Joker as someone who was not just funny but lethal. ‘Killing Joke’ is set to be released by DC Entertainment as a direct-to-DVD and digital animated movie in the summer. Mark Hammil who besides being the legendary Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker, made his mark as the voice of Joker over the years and will reprise the role in this potential R-rated cartoon. Oh impulsive fan boy dream here, what if Hammil could make some cameo and interact in the flesh with the new sicker Leto version of Joker?! 

The Court of Owls: A fairly recent story, the Bat tangles with a secret society made up of Gotham’s most powerful and wealthy who dispatch a private army of assassins called Talons. This story was adapted in 2015 into an animated feature you can find on digital and DVD called ‘Batman vs. Robin’ feature the Boy Wonder being lured by this cult into a battle with his costumed mentor.

Youtube movie master @GraceRandolph breaks down all the hype leading into the big Batfleck feature. 

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