Divvy Is Releasing 10 Special Blackhawks-Themed Bikes For The Playoffs


(fromĀ chicagoist.com)

Ten bright red Divvy bicycles decked out with the Blackhawks’ logo are hitting the streets of Chicago this month in honor of the team’s spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.Ā The Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup for three of the past six years, and this is the 8th year in a row that they’ve made the playoffs. (READ MORE HERE)

I like the idea of Divvy and this is a cool way for them to support the Blackhawks, but I hope this doesn’t inspire the invention of Bike Hockey. My pants leg getting caught in my bike chainĀ and throwing me to the ground, landing face first on the sidewalk. Dangling over the plank ramp my friends Robbie and Jeremy had crafted out of their dad’s bird house building project, chipping my tooth in front of my crush Janda Vinton when I was in 3rd grade was traumatizing enough. If Bike Hockey became a thing I’d have no choice but to face my bike chain demons andĀ hop on for one last ride. Maybe Janda would show up to see me play?? Wait, have I been typing this whole time? Sorry I’ll show myself out… – Ā @marconibologna