The U.S. Pizza Museum will visit Chicago next month



Still have those late night pizza boxes stashed under your bed? Well, they could find a¬†new home in the U.S. Pizza Museum which will debut during Old Style’s previously announced¬†Pizza Summit¬†on April 3. The pop-up exhibit on the second floor of Chop Shop will display¬†artifacts like retro pizza boxes, vintage advertisements, a Lego pizza delivery guy and a copy of the film Mystic Pizza on VHS. (READ MORE HERE)

So if you’re like me SUPER BUMMED you didn’t get tickets to the Pizza Summit this weekend at least the US PIZZA MUSEUM¬†is coming to Chicago next month!! Yes an entire museum devoted to pizza. I hope to learn of the first pizza delivery person or¬†maybe learn why there are people who like pineapple on their pizza. I can’t wait!! – @marconibologna



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