10 things to know about Twitter on its 10th anniversary

twitter b-day

(fromĀ venturebeat.com)

Twitter is celebrating 10 years of existence today. Despite the constant criticism and concerns about its future, the short-messaging social media phenomenon certainly has a lot to celebrate. (READ MORE HERE)Ā 

Are you like me going “how is twitter 10 years old??” I mean seriously. I’m now trying to both figure out what I did before twitter and wondering what I’ve done with my life for 10 years. I know one thing, I have actually made friends and started relationships on twitter. ItĀ has also helped me learn to write better and even do my job on radio with more word economy. I will say it has been one of my favorite of all the social media apps. I still feel awkward when someone talks about twitter posts IRL. Mostly out of shock but then also I’m just really awkward. – @marconibologna