Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg Return for Indiana Jones 5 in Summer 2019

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(fromĀ gizmodo.com)

Indy is coming back. Disney just announced that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will return to one of their most famous franchises asĀ Indiana Jones 5 opens on July 19, 2019. (READ MORE HERE)Ā I’m just hoping Harrison Ford doesn’t decide to do the spelunking scenes himself in this one. It’s far more dangerous than it looks. Jame Franco lost an arm doing his in that movie 127 hours (the spelunking trip gone horribly wrong). We don’t really need another Indiana Jones movie but if Harrison Ford wants to break stuff with a giant whip AGAIN who are we to stand in the way of his dreams?? Not me I bet he whips real hard. – @marconibologna