Tomorrow is the Illinois primary and you haven’t registered to vote yet… actually that isn’t a problem!  Through Election Day, you can register and vote at the same time!  In Chicago, every polling place can register voters on primary day, but you must go to the designated polling place for your address, which can be found HERE


Make sure you have two forms of ID with you, driver’s license and a Social Security card will do, but you can also use a student ID, a credit card, a lease or a LINK card, among other accepted items.  If you’re unable to present suitable ID on Election Day, you can still cast a provisional ballot and provide the proper papers within seven days.

If you are like me and haven’t updated your ID since your last move 😀 you can update your address when you vote!  Go to the designated polling place for your current address and make sure you bring something (like a piece of mail) with your name and correct address, along with your two pieces of identification..

For more info and tips, I love this page put together by RedEye; The Chicago procrastinator’s guide to voting 

Happy voting!! xo