Songs you’re gonna love if you don’t already


As the night DJ on 101 WKQX I get to play some of the coolest new music on the air for you every night. Like you I am a fan of the station. It’s why I wanted to work here so much in the first place. I originally started with 5 but couldn’t stop there. We play way too many songs I’m into right now. These aren’t official rankings and I am NOT the music director. I also don’t claim to be an alternative music expert. There are so many better on air personalities here that can tell you in depth details about the music. I seem to be better at telling you how a song makes me feel. I just love the music I get to play on Chicago’s greatest alternative station. Here are a few songs you may have heard that I think you’ll like too.

Bear Hands – 2 AM 

This song is my spirit garanimal. I would even go as far as to say 12 AM…ahem.


Transviolet – New Bohemia

I already loved this song. Then they stopped by the station with wALT and recorded this amazing acoustic performance. 😍


Joywave – Destruction

This song was cool enough, but after watching this video I loved it that much more.


Nothing But Thieves – Trip Switch

When Lauren skips down the hallway singing a song you know it’s pretty great.


The Lumineers – Ophelia

What can I say I just love me some Lumineers. They had me at Hey Hoe!…I mean.


Miike Snow – Genghis-Kahn

This song has beats, but beyond that the lyrics are so relatable. You may have just broken up but that doesn’t mean you want that person to be with someone else. EVER!! Or at least until you’re dating someone too. His voice is perfect in the way he is sort of singing violent-ish lyrics but yet sounds so sad that it’s over. Luckily instead of ACTUALLY going Genghis Kahn you can just turn this song up.


The Strumbellas – Spirits

“We’re all strange and maybe we don’t want to change”. Yeah those lyrics stuck with me from the first time I heard this lovely song.


Nathaniel Rateliff – I Need Never Get Old

Since we started playing SOB I thought this guy sounded like such an old soul. His lyrics and sound make you feel as if he probably has seen some crazy stuff in his short time on earth. And don’t forget about his amazing band The Night Sweats. The name paints the perfect picture for how they sound.


I honestly could keep adding to this list, and maybe I will!! Thanks for checking it out. You guys are the best listeners. Your passion for the music we play is such an amazing part of why I love my job so much. – @marconibologna (Weeknights 7-12)

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