Be More Like Dave Grohl


I was  going to talk about how cool it was to see Dave Grohl partying and having fun at the Grammy’s, drinking from a red solo cup. Then I thought maybe this would be a good time to remind everyone how fantastic David Eric Grohl is as a professional rock star and human. He’s been one of the most successful musicians for decades and yet still manages to be one of the coolest people alive. As a radio person sometimes interviewing an artist can be tough. Not everyone has the gift of gab. Sometimes an interview with a top artist can be downright painful. Never the case with Dave. He gets it and is always ready to go with a million stories and genuinely seems to be having a good time. He appreciates everyone who supports his music and doesn’t forget. I feel more people should take a note from Dave. He loves what he’s doing and even if he’s having a bad day we don’t ever see it because he always seems so positive and professional. The only time I’ve ever seen Dave get mad was in a YouTube clip of him yelling at a guy at a Foo Fighters show for starting a fight in the pit. That guy was promptly kicked out of the show. So my message to past, current and future artists. ALWAYS ask yourself, WWDGD? The basic answer is in three parts: 1) Be cool to people. 2) Have fun doing what you love. 3) Drink out of a red solo cup at the Grammy’s. Thank you Dave for giving us “The best, the best, the best, the best of you”…Ahem. Sorry. I’ll show myself out.