I won tickets and I haven’t gotten an e-mail with the info about the show yet, what do I do?
If you did win, your tickets will be at will call in the Aragon foyer the night of the show. Bring a photo ID to claim your tickets. We can have you sign your winner affidavit upon check in.

I won tickets and forgot to turn in my affidavit before the show. Can I still come?
Yes! We will have you fill out an affidavit on-site, or you can bring the affidavit already signed & turn it in.

I won tickets, but I want to go to switch nights. Can I switch my prize?
Sorry, unfortunately we can’t trade out tickets.

What time are doors?
Doors are at 6pm each night!

When can I start standing in line for the show?
Aragon’s policy is… Guests should not arrive at the venue any earlier than 9 AM the day of the show. Should guests choose to ignore this policy, they will be turned around and told to return when doors open.

I heard I can get in early if I bring a coat. What are the details related to that?
· The first 25 people in line with new Children’s coats (with tags) to donate to Snug Hugs for Kids will be escorted in 30min before doors.
· Each person must have a coat to donate to be included. Guests will not be included unless they also have a coat and fall within the first 25 people.
· The coat must be new with tags still on it.
· The coat must be a children’s coat
· It must be a winter coat. Hoodies, sweaters, hats &/or gloves, etc will not be counted.
· Every person that brings a qualified coat to donate can still donate the coat, AND will be entered to win Twenty One Pilots tickets when they come back in June.

Can I buy tickets at doors still?
Tickets for Night 1 w/ 21 Pilots are SOLD OUT!
You can still purchase tickets for Night 2, 3, & 4 at the doors until approximately 9:50PM each night.

Can I bring (insert random item here) to the venue?
Permitted Items
Guests are permitted to bring in the following – ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON THE DISCRETION OF THE ARTIST:
· Fanny packs, purses, and normal-sized school backpacks (will be searched)
· Fan-made signs
· Camera phones, disposable cameras, and small digital cameras
· See Camera & Banner/Sign policies here:

Prohibited Items:
· Umbrellas
· Cigarettes, including electronic variations
· Outside beverages
· Glass and plastic containers
· Weapons of any kind
· Wallet chains
· Pocket knives
· Fireworks or combustible materials
· Electronics: laptops, iPads, Kindles, video games, video recording devices, GoPros, etc.
· Hard coolers or coolers on wheels
· Baseballs, footballs, tennis balls, etc.
· Any glow or light related item: glow sticks, wands, LED lights and gloves, laser pointers, etc.
· No bandanas or masks of any kind
· Spiked clothing accessories
· Hula Hoops

Will there be Meet & Greets available? If so, how do I get in?
Unfortunately M&G contests are over & winners have been contacted.

I won tickets, but my friend is coming later – can they still get in?

I won tickets and can’t make it to the show anymore, can I give my tickets to a friend?
Sorry, unfortunately prizes are non-transferrable. Hope to see you next time!

Is the show all-ages?

I got my photo taken at the photo booth/M&G – when & where can I get it?
Your photo will be posted on no later than 12/11. Keep checking the website & it will be posted ASAP 🙂