The Q101 Morning Crew Glossary


AHOY! – This is how the Q101 Morning Crew says hello!

Aldi Version – Sometimes something is good, but it feels a little…off. Cheap, perhaps. That’s what we can an “Aldi version”.

An Obligatory Pete Wentz Thank You – We really appreciate the heartfelt thank you that Pete Wentz gave us at the Fall Out Boy Takeover at the Metro. When we thank someone at Q101, we don’t just say thank you, we give them An Obligatory Pete Wentz Thank You.

Apparatus – A word describing any device used in the bedroom.

Carne Asada: That good good.

Checking Emails, Staying Hydrated – The biggest key to success.

Daddy Bear – Brian’s identifying trait within the LGBTQ community. As the elder statesman of the Q101 Morning Crew, Brian’s burly, manly physique and playful dad personality make him a force to be reckoned with in the gay community.

DTR – Also known as “define the relationship”.

Eating Maggiano’s – When you go “downstairs” with your partner.

FINNEAS Feeling – Despite his tremendous success helping write Billie Eilish’s music, we feel like FINNEAS is secretly incredibly jealous of her success. We call feelings that you’re afraid to admit a FINNEAS Feeling.

“Gameboy” – A woman’s pleasure accessory.

God Bless the Baby: There is no more iconic sound on the Q101 Morning Crew than God Bless the Baby. If you ever hear this on the show, call 312-591-8300 and win some tickets.

He/She Belongs to the Streets – A phrase used by the crew when someone’s significant other is up to no good. They don’t belong in a relationship, they belong to the streets!

Hibbity Dibbity – You see, when a man loves a woman…they do a thing called the hibbity dibbity. We can teach you all about that.

Homer Simpson in the Bushes: Y’all ever just…

“I am never going to financially recover from this” – While discussing Joe Exotic’s 2024 Presidential Bid, the Crew realized that Joe Exotic speaks for every single person who has been put in a financial hole.

“I felt as if I’d been riding a horse” – Have you ever heard the drop where an older woman talks about using a whole tube of KY Jelly? This is where that comes from.

“I’m a man, I’m 40!” – next time you need a reminder of who you are, just remember:

Jabroni – Who can forget the 2019 Winter Storm Jayden, it brought upon the coldest day in Chicago. Well, we thought that name sucked for a storm like this, so we changed its name to Jabroni. Since then anytime someone or something sucks we call them a jabroni, seems very fitting.

Lady Friend – Is she your girlfriend? Is she your fiancée? Is she your wife? Why be so specific when you can simply call her your “Lady Friend” just like Brian does to his significant other.

Lawn Baby – If you were conceived in the lawn of Tinley Park’s amphitheater, you’re a Tinley Park pure bred and you are a lawn baby.

“Listen” – Brian always wants to be right, so he and says “listen” to get you to stop talking and listen to his point.

“Not Today!” – First used by a woman escaping a building building, it is now one of our favorite drops on the show.

Pulling the Goalie: Doing The Deed without any protection.

Radio for One: Sometimes the boss really wants us to talk about something. We talk about it to please one man. That’s what we like to call Radio for One.

RCF: You or someone you may know may be suffering from a debilitating illness known as Resting Creep Face. If you’re wondering what RCF looks like, just look at Brian.

Respek – Our way of saying something like, “put some respect on my mom’s name!”

Tekashi – To “Tekashi” someone means to snitch. It means to throw someone under the bus. It’s disloyalty at its finest.

Thank You For Your Service – This is what you should tell your partner whenever they do a good job “pleasing” you.

Uranus – Whenever there is a planet question in Know It Nothing, the answer is Uranus. It’s always Uranus. This isn’t a trick. We’re telling you now, the answer is always Uranus.

Weird Flex – Does anyone ever brag about something that isn’t brag-worthy? File that under the “weird flex” category.

Whose Karen Is It? – Every Wednesday at 8:00am, the Q101 Morning Crew expose a Chicagoland Karen. You know, the types with the “can I speak to the manager?” haircut.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” – When we’re are wrong and won’t admit it, we’ll just say this to get things moving forward. No one like’s to admit that they are wrong!

“You’re not wrong” – We hate to say we are wrong, so instead of saying “you are right” we say “you’re not wrong”. Loophole!