An ode to Chicago style hot dogs

Inspired by Emily Dickenson and the Half Acre x Vienna Beef Fest, Al Scorch, narrator of the viral Chonkosaurus video has written a breathtaking piece about a Chicago staple. P.S. hot dog buns will now only be referred to as angels fluff. <3 Lauren

An ode to Chicago style hot dogs by Al Scorch

Mustard’s acid yellow dressing
Relish verdant green so vibrant
Onion, tomatoes, cucumbers cut
Into vegetables’ refinement

Light as tufted seeds
Upon the wind so buoyant
Angels fluff, the hot dog bun,
Flecked with poppy seeds —
This holy vessel holds all of summertime’s enjoyment

Botanical salinity of celery salt’s anointment
As sporting peppers’ jaunty spice joins with the kosher dill,
The spear that pierced the side of Christ
Dogs split open on the grill

And the mingling of charcoal
Upon the humid wind
Let all who care to know or notice
That summer once again begins