UPDATE: Man who went viral for driving on suspended license never actually had license

This story keeps getting weirder.

The man who went viral for showing up on a Zoom court hearing about his suspended license while driving is back in the news. Yesterday, we reported that a clerical error was the reason that any of this happened in the first place and that the driver, Corey Harris, had done nothing wrong.

Now, it’s come out that Harris never had a drivers license to begin with.

“Let me make it very clear, based on what the court looked at. [Harris] has never had a Michigan license. Ever. And he has never had a license in the other 49 states and commonwealths that form up this great union. He has never had a license,” the judge said. “The shocking thing about it is, it’s for driving with his license suspended that he didn’t take care of.”

Free our man.