New Music Friday with Sum 41, Twenty One Pilots, and more!

Kings of Leon: Split Screen

Nashville’s Kings of Leon are back with a new single, a follow-up to the excellent, new “Mustang”. The band brings an exciting 80s vibe to the traditional Southern style that the band has brought to the table for two decades right now.

Kings of Leon come to Northerly Island on September 28.

Lorde: Take Me to the River

Lorde is back with a take on Talking Head’s “Take Me to the River”. This is a part of the upcoming Talking Heads tribute album, released by the A24 film studio, which features the likes of Miley Cyrus, Paramore, and of course, Lorde. This is a marvelous rendition on an iconic song.

Sum 41: Heaven x Hell

The final Sum 41 album is here! Heaven x Hell is a double album that caps off the Sum 41 career in a remarkable way. This album not only features the standout single, “Landmines”, as well as excellent tracks like “Waiting On a Twist of Fate” and “Dopamine”.

Twenty One Pilots: Next Semester  

They’re baaaaaack. Twenty One Pilots have followed up on their brilliant single “Overcompensate” with “Next Semester”, a genuine thumper. This feels like a return to a more classic tøp sound, and that is something that we’re going to eat up time and time again.

Brian & Kenzie will have Twenty One Pilots tickets every day next week at 8:00am.

Vampire Weekend: Mary Boone

Naming a song after an art dealer? Extremely on brand for Vampire Weekend. They’re back with a scorching new single “Mary Boone”. This sounds like a natural evolution of a band that has continued to grow and evolve over the last decade-and-a-half.