The dumbest guy you know thinks there was a Damar Hamlin body-double at the Bills game on Sunday

Junior detectives have spent the last few days all over the Internet, picking apart video “evidence” from Damar Hamlin’s appearance in Buffalo this past Sunday. Hamlin, who was immediately attacked and used as a propaganda tool following his collapse on Monday Night Football a few weeks ago, was dressed in sunglasses, a mask, and a hoodie, just as any other person would in freezing temperatures. For some reason, however, that has led people to thinking that the real Damar Hamlin died and that the man in Buffalo last Sunday was a fake.

One quick Twitter search of “Damar Hamlin” will lead you to hundreds of results of people questioning the existence of this man.

It should be noted that Hamlin has made multiple public appearances since the incident, but accepting this would force people to go back to their own lives.