Could that $1.6B dream turn into a nightmare? The worst case scenarios of winning Powerball

📷: Pexels/Olia Danilevich

This weekend’s Powerball jackpot is the third largest in lottery history, but I believe it was the famous philosopher Christopher Wallace that noted that with “Mo Money” — potentially come “Mo Problems.”

Becoming a billionaire overnight would be sweet — but it’s not without it’s problems. A ton of taxes, family squabbles, and a lot of chances to get scammed or lose it all.

Or worse. How about these horror stories?

  • A man who won millions — only to file for bankruptcy a month later.
  • A $30m winner who was murdered by a friend trying to get closer to the cash.
  • A West Virginia winner who not only lost his jackpot, but lost his family to overdoses.

USA Today runs down the horror stories for you here. And good luck —- play responsibly, win responsibly.