Do They Belong To The Streets? He’s a known ghoster, and it came back to bite him

Ahoy Brian Allie and Justin I have a epic story of me belonging to the streets that that I have to share with you. I’ve been known to meet women on tinder, hook up with them and then ghost them. I’ll never do that again! About a month ago I hooked up with a woman and totally love bombed her. We had a 12 hour date that ended with us hooking up in my truck. I could tell this girl really liked me and I used that for my advantage. A couple days after the date we hooked up again and then I never talked to her again. I didn’t answer when she called and I never returned any texts. Last weekend I was in a bad car accident on the Dan Ryan and needed to be transported to the hospital with a broken leg. As the EMT’s were approaching me to help me I thought I recognized one of them. Turns out the girl I ghosted was the EMT! I pretended not to recognize her but she immediately called me out and that’s when she got her revenge. After giving me an earful for how I treated her (which was very unprofessional) she kept hitting and pulling on my broken leg. It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life! I thought I was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it because I was stuck in the back of an ambulance with her. She ripped me a new one and purposely messed up my IV. She must have poked me 10 times. It was so damn scary and painful. I kept trying to apologize but she was ruthless. Once we got to the hospital she told all the nurses what I did to her which made them all hate me. It was the worst 10 hours of my entire life. I’m saying I’ve total learned my lesson but it may be a while before I ghost someone again. I thought you guys would find this funny. I love the show keep up the great work.