Do They Belong To The Streets? His girlfriend’s costume leaves little to the imagination

Does she belong to the streets? His girlfriend wants to wear a very revealing costume to Q101’s Halloween Bash at the Cubby Bear-

Ahoy my favorite morning show in the entire world! My girlfriend wants to be zombie Anna Nicole Smith for Halloween which means she wants to show her ass and boobs to the world. If we show up to the Cubby Bear for your Halloween event will everyone there think my girlfriend belongs to the streets? I don’t mind her dressing sexy and showing a little body but you should see her costume! It leaves very little to the imagination. Does she belong to the streets for wanting to be naked on Halloween? 

Love you guys and can’t wait to party with you in a few weeks! 


Anna Nicole Smith, makes her entrance at the Barnstable Brown party by running around handing out T-shirts to her fans. Anna Nicole Smith Barnstable Brown party