7 Things you shouldn’t do when you take your kids trick-or-treating

If you have a kid, you’re taking them trick-or-treating. People spend more money during Halloween than any other holiday, so everyone participates! But there are some rules, and there are some things you shouldn’t do. These are the 7 deadly sins of Halloween:

1- Scaring your kid- you know better than that! Halloween is fun for them, don’t freak them out!

2- Not taking safety seriously- make sure you’ve got a flashlight or a glowstick so you can locate the little nuggets in the dark.

3- Freaking out about people trying to slip drugs into your kids candy- this is not real, there are plenty of other things to worry about. Also, just let them enjoy their hard-earned candy.

4- Letting your kids be rude- Make them say “Trick-or-treat!” that’s the point. Don’t let them open the bag and expect some candy, have some respect!

5-Giving out candy with nuts- too many kids have allergies nowadays, don’t risk it.

6- Poor planning- if you have young kids, don’t go to far otherwise you’re gonna be carrying dead weight home.

7- Skip trick-or-treating altogether- you know your kid won’t stand for that!