This AI-generated “Black Hole Sun” video is even creepier than the original

Screen capture from the Black Hole Sun video (YouTube)

As the events of the 1991 documentary film Terminator 2: Judgement Day continue to play out before us, marching us closer and closer to the days the machines takeover — you might not be aware of this fun fact: AI is now able to generate images and video based upon text input!

Metal Injection has reported on existence of music videos pieced together from still images created from the emotive content of the lyrics. And the latest is “Black Hole Sun” from Soundgarden. Keep in mind, the images are all created by artificial intelligence, not a human:

That article also dives into how this is all possible — and you can also see other videos based upon lyrics from Queen, Metallica, and Blue Oyster Cult. And once your done living in future world, enjoy a nice warm nostalgic grunge-hug with the original, tried and true: