Saving for college? Here’s a calculator to show how much your money can grow!

Damn is college expensive! Sometimes just the books can add up to thousands. You better start saving when the kid is in the womb. Here’s a look at how compounding interest works over time. Famous investor Warren Buffet describes it best when he said, “think of it like a snowball rolling down a hill, it keeps adding and getting bigger.” But if you ‘ve got time, you can manage it! Here’s a look at how much saving about $300 a month will be in 18 years if you start saving when they’re a baby, 5 years old, 10 years old and 15 years old.

  • Birth: $131,686
  • Age 5: $77,400
  • Age 10: $39,145
  • Age 15: $12,186

Crazy right?

Click here for a calculator to put in your child’s age and how much you put in savings a day to see what it could look like!