Man living at O’Hare for three months adds to airport’s weird & wild history

This morning, a man changed his mind about flying at the wrong time.

He opened the door and slid down the wing of a moving aircraft at around 4:30AM this morning at O’Hare International Airport.  Some video here from NBC Chicago…

Just another story to add to list of weird events that have transpired at the one of the world’s busiest airports.  Here’s a handful of them:

Man Arrested After Living At O’Hare 

He was afraid to fly because of COVID-19.  So, he decided to live at the airport for three months and live off the good will of strangers.  Makes sense.

The Case Of The “Serial Stowaway,” Marilyn Hartman

The Chicago woman has tried or succeeded over 20 times to slip on to flights undetected, due to a fear of being targeted by a worldwide conspiracy.  She succeeded in boarding a flight from O’Hare to London back in 2018 and is currently in Cook County Jail after attempting a similar stunt again in 2019.

Postal Worker Reports Mothman Sighting

You may have heard of the dozens of sightings of this tall, winged creature throughout Chicagoland.  In October of last year, a United States Postal Service employee reported being chased by one in an O’Hare parking lot.  This apparently wasn’t an isolated incident….there were three other sightings reported at the airport recently as well.

L-Train Climbs The Escalator After O’Hare Crash

34 people were hurt as the result of a Blue line train crashing at the O’Hare terminus back in 2014.  NTSB investigated the accident and determined that the conductor fell asleep at the controls.  Believe it or not, they estimated the speed of the train to be about 25MPH at the time.  That’s all it took to do that kind of damage….crazy.

12 Airline Employees Report UFO Sighting

In 2006, twelve American Airlines workers and one civilian witness reported seeing a metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovering over a gate in broad daylight.  It has been explained away as “weather event” — maybe Tom Skilling can tell us how that is possible?

Farm Animals Employed As Groundskeepers

Goats, sheep, and yes, even a donkey have been employed by the city’s Department of Aviation to provide a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way to keep the many fields surrounding the runways nice and trim.  Not a baaaaad idea.  — [eric]

[📷: Pexels]