Remember the Snuggie? How about the Weezer Snuggie?

It’s been a crappy spring in Chicago. Don’t you wish you could buy the Weezer Snuggie?

More than a decade ago now,  the band was doing promotion for their newly released album Raditude. Being no stranger to tapping into all kinds of cultural phenomena, Rivers and company knew immediately….slapping their name on the front of a blanket with sleeves was a — winner?  As Rivers recounted in an interview, he wasn’t sure why:

“It’s hard to understand the appeal of this product,” Cuomo told MTV News. “Obviously it’s a giant hit, but I don’t really understand why. But as soon as we came up with the idea, we were like, ‘Yes! This is it!’ Cultural critics are going to have to go back and figure out what was going on here. It was genius, but at this moment we don’t know why.”

If you’re hoping to snag a Snuggie at the merch table this Tuesday during Ahoy! with Weezer, I wouldn’t bet on it.  Perhaps eBay can be your savior? — [eric]