Do you PDA? Here are some obvious rules you should be following

Alright we get it, you love each other! It’s ok if your love language is constantly putting your tongue down each other’s throats. But there are some rules if you’re in public. Public displays of affection, or PDA, are OK as long as you follow these simple pointers.

  1. Stop in front of the kids- they don’t need to see that. Let them figure it out naturally, on the internet.
  2. Hey! I’m trying to eat over here! Sometimes people want their pasta without watching you canoodle.
  3. Don’t be that couple that makes the third wheel feel awkward. They didn’t sign up for that. They get it, they’re alone.
  4. Don’t block busy areas. Being in direct traffic is really annoying to people just trying to walk.
  5. In da club? Go crazy. It’s dark, there’s tons of people, it’s expected. Go nuts you crazy lovers.
  6. Uber? The driver knows the deal, a little kissing is fine. Just make sure you tip well.
  7. Straddling. Please don’t. The only acceptable time would be on a horse or motorcycle. You don’t have either, so knock it off.