Chicago residents were issued more speed camera tickets in 2021 than there are residents!

Chicago speed cameras issued 2.81 million citations in 2021. That’s more tickets than there are people in the city. Speed camera in the city collected, ahem, I mean “caught” $89 million of speeders. Almost two-thirds of that money was from people going 6-10 miles over the limit. Criminals!! But seriously, most were for 36 mph in a 30, which leads to a $35 ticket. Ridiculous.

11Seconds between tickets
1,178Tickets per day, before March 1
9,014Tickets per day, after March 1
2,817,554Tickets in 2021
$35Fine for speeding 6-10 mph
$100Fine for speeding 11 mph and up
1.03Tickets per Chicagoan
$245,331Fines issued per day
$89 millionTotal fines in 2021
$59 millionFines from $35 tickets
Table: @illinoispolicy  Source: Chicago Department of Finance