A cute Amish girl gets a phone number!

This is what love should be! Two Amish girls from Return to Amish are on their way to the airport in a taxi in this clip. Breaking all of the rules, obviously. The girl in the front obviously has a GIANT crush on the driver, Daniel. She knows a lot about him, like the fact that he drank Drano at 18 months old and has ‘a lot of scars from it.’ Hey, these things happen! But she doesn’t care though, she likes him for him. He got the hint that she’s into him because she always takes his cab. At the end of the clip, you can see him giving her his digits! Yes, girl! The way he does it reminds me of being 16 again. Remember how you used to get a number back the day with out a cell phone? Napkins, cards, pagers, and the good ol’ pen on hand. How cute!!