TikTok Tuesday

Tuesday means you get the hottest TikTok curation on the planet!

This week we have a few great ones for you.

First up: Did your parents let you guys curse? This cute little kid asked for her mom for permission but mom wasn’t ready for this.

@tracyclaxtonfashb#badgirl #badmom #2020 #fyp♬ original sound – Tracy Claxton Fashbaugh

Next: What starts with a v and gets a woman everything she wants?

@2kvnidal#foryou what do women have that starts with a v and they use it to get stuff. no Marcel no 😂🤣♬ Bach Concerto in a Minor for Violin – Classical Music

Lastly: Never ask your loved one if they would love you if you ever got fat.

@xoxo_rubiaLet’s try this again tiktok! This was all so you can get a little laugh…don’t be an asshole, no one likes those 😉#OutPizzaTheHut #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Yanira Mendez