Hot Coco Comedy for Christmas with Conan O’Brien

Need something funny to escape the usual holly jolly of the holidays in this dumpster fire year? Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco has unearthed many classic segments from his many years on the air that all exhibit that smart ass diversion of everything normal we need this holiday week.

Conan goofs around as a department store Santa.

Sometimes the holiday party gets kind of crazy and we forget all the good stuff, which makes this reoccurring sketch of showing pictures of insane things really click.

This segment is good enough for me to ….. well you should know the rest.

Conan goes caroling and really just freaks people out in suburban New Jersey.

Conan and his on-air pal, Andy Richter do some green-screen holiday shopping.

Jim Carey has been a wild guest in his many appearances on late-night TV but this 2005 memorable bit with a twisted holiday spin.



O’Brien has reunited with the Basic Cable Band recently to perform throwback style rock holiday rock tunes for the Get Together Foundation, which helps children in need. Watch his most recent tune here and more on the Team Coco channel.