12-year-old DJ throws rave in school’s bathroom

12-year old DJ Cael Bell advertised on Snapchat that all boys in his Year 8 grade were invited to an exclusive event: a rave in the boy’s bathroom in Urmstom, England. The dance party featured snacks and refreshments but the good times did not last as the whole thing got shut down by the school within 30 minutes. His speakers and equipment were confiscated. Now, how much trouble did Cael get himself into at home?

Well, his mom Louise says is in a Facebook post that she finds the humor in it. The story found legs online and has since gone viral with the post being shared over 42,000 times.

“I had to laugh. It has been a terrible year and I couldn’t be angry with my son for trying to spread some cheer,” she told the Mirror newspaper.

“When I heard what Cael had done, from advertising the rave on Snapchat to actually pulling it off and even providing refreshments, I couldn’t help but see the funny side… Music is Cael’s motivation and we couldn’t be mad at him for expressing and sharing that passion. It was very inventive of him.”

It’s so refreshing to see a kid being so inventive and setting out a path for creative fun like this. You can check out the post below along with videos Cael doing a great job mixing live.