‘No Time to Die’ looked into $600 million sale to streaming services


With movie theaters struggling to get people to come out to a theater amid the pandemic, now streaming video platforms with a lot of money behind them are stepping into the game to possibly purchase the rights to get big blockbusters as streaming exclusives. Enter the global spy franchise James Bond with its delayed film ‘No Time To Die’ which is reportedly being in talks recently with big streamers Netflix, Apple, and Amazon. The news was widely reported that the film which could likely be the last to feature megastar Daniel Craigh portraying the Bond role. Now the film has been pushed back again for a April 2021 release and studio representatives have issued statements confirming the traditional release next year.

The reported price according to Variety was in the area of $600 million. Yeah, that is a lot of money but considering how well-known the Bond series is and the possibility of the film luring in or retaining subscribers to one of the streaming platforms, it makes some sense. MGM, the studio behind the Bond films has spent millions already on marketing on ‘No Time To Die’ which has been delayed twice in 2020. Read the full story from Variety. 

‘Borat 2’ which just hit Amazon Prime pulled around $120 million in their deal. Watch the reviews on that controversial comedy here. 

Watch the latest trailer for ‘No Time To Die’ here.