Top 10 90s Makeout Songs

The 1990s had their fair share of make out songs. Just imagine a new couple pairing up for a big kiss at Woodstock ’94 with a mud fight breaking out around them during Green Day’s set. These songs are for them and maybe for you as well. There could be a kissable track that we did not find that pops into your head so definitely share it with us on Twitter and Facebook. 

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  1. Mazzy Star ‘Fade Into You’ 

This song is quintessential 90’s romance. It was used perfectly to set the mood in the 1995 coming-of-age movie ‘Angus’ when the underdog lead character finally got to connect with his crush at the high school dance. It’s about losing yourself in a moment with someone. 


2. Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Suck My Kiss’

Yeah, this sort of explains itself.


3. Belly – “Feed the Tree” 

“Take your hat off, boy when you are talking to me”. An assertive woman tells you what to do with reference to the organic reclusiveness of the forest, yeah someone is smooching here. 

4. The Cure ‘Friday, I’m in Love’

You fight all week with them, yet you still love them right? A weekend away from weekday work stress can solve things.

5. Alanis Morrisette – “Head Over Feet” 

This is all about when best friends become lovers. Alanis seemingly fell for this person before she knew it. Pre-makeout anxiety is real here. The tension is palpable. The harmonica is a fun twist too. 

6. Garbage – ‘#1 Crush’

The song opens with a hedonistic moan and sultry bassline. The dark devotion Shirley Manson expresses here is over the top but very relatable. The term “thirsting” is used currently show your desire for someone physically; well this song was ‘thirsty’ before that was used to describe any sex symbol celebrity on your Twitter feed. 

7. Weezer ‘Only In Dreams’

Sometimes the person you want to kiss does not exist, they are just someone you dream about.

8. Marcy Playground ‘Sex and Candy’ 

‘Yeah and there she was’. Go try a Jolly Rancher candy and listen to this.

9. Faith No More ‘Evidence’

The lyrics from the very talented Mike Patton may not fit exactly, but the vibes here are very appropriate for lovers.

10. Jeff Buckley  ‘Hallelujah’ 

Covering Leonard Cohen’s iconic tune is not easy, yet Buckely pulled it off. He also made it quite the sexy cover.