Remembering Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell


Late great alternative singers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were trending today on Twitter. The reason may not be exactly clear, but it’s worth remembering the sad time in which we lost them in 2017. Cornell would pass in May 2017 shortly after a show with Soundgarden in Detroit. Bennington would pass in July of the same year, just days before Linkin Park was scheduled to perform a session in the Lounge with 101WKQX. As we deal with the current stress and draining mental health challenges of our current times. we can look back at our collective alternative community coming together to remember these two generational voices.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with mental health issuess and thoughts of suicide, please know there is ALWAYS help just a phone call with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. 

Here are some special performances from the time three years ago along special moments shared on stage between Bennington and Cornell.

Cornell would sadly pass in May 2017, with LP just rolling out a new album with a media tour they opted to use the platform of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to perform the appropriate tone of ‘One More Light’, instead of playing their active single at the time.

From this fan-filmed video from 2008 in North Carolina on the Projekt Revolution tour, you can see Cornell join Bennington and LInkin Park for a performance of ‘Crawling’. It’s something very special to hear their voices blend, and the crowd reaction when Cornell appears is something special.

On the same tour, Cornell and Bennington continued to duet together with Chester filling Eddie Vedder’s shoes on the emotive classic ‘Hunger Strike’.

The week that Cornell died, Soundgarden was supposed to be one of the headliners of the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio. Many of the acts performing on the fest paid tribute to the legendary Seattle singer including the Pretty Reckless who covered ‘Like A Stone’, Corey Taylor performing ‘Hunger Strike’, and Live doing ‘I am the Highway’.

Linkin Park with many of their friends in the music world gathered at a sold-out Hollywood Bowl in October 2017. to honor Chester’s memory and life. The live show was broadcast live, and it was quite the moving evening, to say the least. You can watch the entire 3-hour show here.